Reduce churn, drive advocacy, grow customer revenue

Investing in Customer Success has been identified by McKinsey as a key determinant of top-quartile revenue performance for SaaS businesses - not surprising when 30-50% of revenue growth comes from existing customers, even at start-up stage.

Unlike consultants or agencies, we work inside SaaS and subscription businesses to build Customer Success and Support capability, turning your customer base into an engine of growth, and your Success and Support teams into profit centers that scale efficiently.

Customer Success Foundations

Understanding your customer base, how they drive your revenue and profit performance, what they think about your product and experience, and what value they are generating from your product or service is an essential, yet often overlooked, foundation for Customer Success.

Implementing core Customer Success operational foundations, as shown, provides insights, not just for customer strategy, but for your whole business's decision making including product roadmaps, marketing strategy and sales processes.

This knowledge also helps Customer Success teams measure their own success in driving revenue growth and customer value outcomes.

We provide frameworks for customer base metrics and customer health scores, working with finance and data analytics teams to establish standardised reporting and actionable insights across the customer base.

Having understood customer value and health, we work with the business to define customer success segments as the basis for building a scalable customer success strategy, including a change program for the whole organisation to embed a philsophy of customer success.

Customer Success Playbooks & Customer Journeys

Understanding customer experience at every touchpoint on a journey: physical, digital or offline, is a critical first step in identifying pain points and optimisation opportunities around which the complete compass of playbooks can be built.

Each touchpoint is a "Moment of Truth", an opportunity for the customer to form an impression or opinion.  We provide frameworks that enable your business to work cross-functionally to make these "Moments of Magic" that trigger an advocacy response.

"No-one owns the customer, but someone always owns the moment"

Scott Hudgins, CCO Walt Disney World Resort

Customer Success and Support coaching & mentoring

Ensuring that your Customer Success and Support teams have appropriate tools, frameworks, processes and systems in place that empower them to drive customer outcomes at scale is vital for delivering on your growth ambitions.

Targeting 120%+ Net Revenue Retention should be the goal

 We share our 15 years of experience scaling Customer Engagement, Support and Retention activities across B2B and B2C businesses to ensure your leadership and customer teams are set up for sustainable success long after we have gone.

We also provide ongoing mentoring for your Customer Success leaders as they continue to develop.