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The Success Service

Turning your customer base into an engine of growth

Reduce churn, drive advocacy, grow customer revenue

We specialise in the optimisation of Customer Success and Support for Kiwi and international SaaS and subscription businesses

We believe that business is better when we focus on the success of customers, a business's most valuable asset.

The Success Service was established to help SaaS and subscription businesses build strong foundations for Customer Success and Support that enable Net Revenue Retention, advocacy and community, quickly and efficiently.

What we do

The Success Service works inside your business, on a part-time basis as long as required, to build capability so that you and your staff are set-up to ensure your customers (and you) succeed

Customer Success Foundations

Customer Base Audit

Customer Health Score model

Customer Success Segmentation

Customer Strategy

Company Success Philosophy

Customer Success Plans

Voice of Customer program

Customer Success Playbooks & Customer Journeys

Customer Onboarding

Product Adoption

Customer Retention

Product & Service Extension

Customer Advocacy

Customer Community

Customer Success & Support coaching & mentoring

Growing Customer Success leaders

Exec team coaching on customer success mindset and measurement

Scaling Customer Success & Support profitably

Customer Support process & systems optimisation

Customer Success

Proactively engaging customers, throughout their lifecycle to RETAIN & GROW REVENUE, by enabling them to maximise the value they get from your product, so much so that they ADVOCATE for your company, and CONTRIBUTE to your community.

Customer Support

Reactively engaging customers on demand, during moments of truth, to SOLVE (current & future) PROBLEMS as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible, in order to maintain CUSTOMER OUTCOMES, and drive CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 

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